DTS2019 has now concluded.

This is the current schedule for DTS2019. Times, panels, and locations are subject to change. Please note that DTS is a single-stream conference.

All conference activities are taking place in the Weston Library (which includes the main Blackwell Hall entrance space, and the Weston Auditorium) unless otherwise indicated. The registration table will be towards the back of Blackwell Hall, and there will be a DTS banner next to it.

Monday, 15 July

9:00 Registration for the Pre-Conference Workshop (Blackwell Hall, Weston Library)

9:30am – 4:30pm Pre-Conference Workshop (limited to 20 seats, additional registration)

Tuesday, 16 July | Abstracts

9:00 Registration; tea, coffee (Blackwell Hall, Weston Library)

9:30 Welcome (Weston Auditorium)

9:45 Plenary | Cristina Dondi (Session 1)

10:45 Break (Blackwell Hall, Weston Library)

11:00 Building the Stage: New Developments (Session 2)

  • A Digital Edition of Paratexts in Early English Drama | Sonia Massai and Heidi Craig
  • Creating a database of performances: | Julia Prest
  • “Look thee, I speak play scraps”: Digitally mapping intertextuality in early modern drama | Regula Hohl Trillini

12:30 Break for lunch

13:30 Mapping the Text: New Analysis (Session 3)

  • The Talk of Drama Town: Exploring Topics in Russian Plays | Irina Pavlova
  • Bastardy in Early Modern Drama: A Computational Approach | Jakob Ladegaard
  • Networking to Secure an Estate: Social Network Analysis and Inheritance in Early Modern Comedies | Beth Cortese

15:00 Break (Blackwell Hall, Weston Library)

15:30 Projects in Motion: Lightning Talks (Session 4)

  • Dramatic Data: DEEP at the Folger Shakespeare Library | Meaghan J. Brown
  • Experimental Reflections on Eighteenth Century Representations of Garrick’s Prosody| Iain Emsley
  • The New Interface of Global Shakespeares: Building a Digital Repository for the Next Decade | Alexa Alice Joubin
  • Online Databases and the Art of Recreating Early Modern Ballads in Performance | Shirley Bell
  • Quite charmed: Victoria, Albert, and the Stage | Andrew Cusworth

16:30 Conclusion

18:00 Opening Reception at the Divinity School, Bodleian Libraries, Oxford

19:30 Opening Reception closes

Wednesday, 17 July | Abstracts

9:00 Coffee, tea (Blackwell Hall, Weston Library)

9:30 Virtual Theatres: 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality (Session 5)

  • Shakespeare-VR: Virtual Reality Education | Stephen Wittek
  • Giulio Camillo’s Theatre of Knowledge: A Case Study for 3D Modelling in the Humanities | Oscar Seip
  • A Reconstruction of the 17th-century “Olivera” playhouse for Virtual Reality Experience | Jesús Tronch, Gemma Burgos-Segarra
  • The Triumph of Isabella – Virtual Reunification, Immersive Experience, and Augmented Reality in the Exploration of Performance through Art | Franklin J. Hildy

11:30 Break

12:00 Plenary: Digitizing the Stage at the V&A since 2009 |Ramona Riedzewski (Session 6)

13:00 Break for lunch

14:00 Digital Tools in the Classroom (Session 6)

  • Reevaluating Performance History Resources for Students (and with Publishers) | Christie Carson
  • Presenting the Re-mix: Performance in the MIT Merchant Module | Mary Erica Zimmer

15:00 Break

15:30 Macbeth on Stage: A Panel Discussion (Session 8)

  • Participants: Stacey Redick, Sophie Byvik, Ramona Riedzewksi, Richard Palmer, Julian Meyrick, Jenny Fewster

16:30 Conclusion

18:00 Coaches depart for the White Hart Pub of Wytham

18:45 Conference Dinner at the White Hart Pub of Wytham

Approx 21:30 Coaches depart White Hart Pub, Wytham, and return to Weston Library

Thursday, 18 July | Abstracts

9:00 Coffee and tea available (Blackwell Hall, Weston Library)

9:30 Collecting in Context (Session 9)

  • SORT BY and SELECT IF: 30 years of digital analysis | Barbara Bell
  • Digitizing and publishing Shakespeare’s Globe Archive | Felix Barnes
  • Building the Rose Theatre Archive 1989-2019 | Johanna Schmitz

11:00 Break

11:15 Plenary Conversation with Richard Ovenden OBE, Tiffany Stern, and H.R. Woudhuysen FBA, moderated by Eric M. Johnson (Session 10)

12:15 Break for lunch

13:15 Introducing Traherne: an open source software tool for digital visual collation | Giles Bergel, Abhishek Dutta (Session 11)

13:45 Break

14:00 Rethinking the Archive (Session 12)

  • The Parish of St. Mary Aldermanbury, London: Rescuing the first surviving Vestry Book (1569-1609) | Alan H. Nelson
  • The March of Fortinbras: A Digital Reconstruction | Thomas Dabbs
  • The Theatre in the Archive: Case Studies in Scalable Searching | Pip Willcox

15:30 Break

16:00 Drawing Conclusions (Session 13) | Eric M. Johnson, Judith Siefring

16:30 Close

Many thanks to the 2019 Digitizing the Stage program committee: Judith Siefring (Head of Digital Research, Bodleian Libraries, Oxford); Dr. Ben Higgins (Departmental Lecturer in English Literature, Lincoln College, Oxford); Dr. Amanda Herbert (Associate Director at the Folger Institute, Folger Shakespeare Library); and Eric M. Johnson (Director of Digital Access, Folger Shakespeare Library).