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This is the current schedule for DTS2019. Times, panels, and locations are subject to change. Please note that DTS is a single-stream conference.

Monday, 15 July

9:30am – 4:30pm Pre-Conference Workshop (limited to 20 seats, additional registration)

Tuesday, 16 July | Abstracts

9:00 Registration; tea, coffee

9:30 Welcome 

9:45 Plenary | Cristina Dondi (Session 1)

10:45 Break

11:00 Building the Stage: New Developments (Session 2)

  • A Digital Edition of Paratexts in Early English Drama | Sonia Massai and Heidi Craig
  • Creating a database of performances: | Julia Prest
  • “Look thee, I speak play scraps”: Digitally mapping intertextuality in early modern drama | Regula Hohl Trillini

12:30 Break for lunch

13:45 Mapping the Text: New Analysis (Session 3)

  • The Talk of Drama Town: Exploring Topics in Russian Plays | Irina Pavlova, Frank Fischer
  • Bastardy in Early Modern Drama: A Computational Approach | Jakob Ladegaard
  • Networking to Secure an Estate: Social Network Analysis and Inheritance in Early Modern Comedies | Beth Cortese

15:15 Break

15:40 Projects in Motion: Lightning Talks (Session 4)

  • Dramatic Data: DEEP at the Folger Shakespeare Library | Meaghan J. Brown
  • Experimental Reflections on Eighteenth Century Representations of Garrick’s Prosody| Iain Emsley
  • The New Interface of Global Shakespeares: Building a Digital Repository for the Next Decade | Alexa Alice Joubin
  • Online Databases and the Art of Recreating Early Modern Ballads in Performance | Shirley Bell
  • Quite charmed: Victoria, Albert, and the Stage | Andrew Cusworth

16:40 Conclusion

18:00 Opening Reception at the Divinity School, Bodleian Libraries, Oxford

Wednesday, 17 July | Abstracts

9:00 Coffee, tea

9:30 Welcome and announcements

9:40 Digital Tools in the Classroom (Session 5)

  • Reevaluating Performance History Resources for Students (and with Publishers) | Christie Carson
  • Presenting the Re-mix: Performance in the MIT Merchant Module | Mary Erica Zimmer

10:45 Break

11:00 Plenary |Ramona Riedzewski (Session 6)

12:00 Break for lunch

13:15 Virtual Theatres: 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality (Session 7)

  • Shakespeare-VR: Virtual Reality Education | Stephen Wittek
  • Giulio Camillo’s Theatre of Knowledge: A Case Study for 3D Modelling in the Humanities | Oscar Seip
  • A Reconstruction of the 17th-century “Olivera” playhouse for Virtual Reality Experience | Jesús Tronch, Gemma Burgos-Segarra
  • The Triumph of Isabella – Virtual Reunification, Immersive Experience, and Augmented Reality in the Exploration of Performance through Art | Franklin J. Hildy

15:15 Break

15:45 Macbeth Across the Centuries: A Panel Discussion (Session 8)

  • Participants: Stacey Redick, Folger Shakespeare Library; Sophie Byvik, Folger Shakespeare Library; Ramona Riedzewksi, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Richard Palmer, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Julian Meyrick, AusStage Database; Jenny Fewster, AusStage Database

16:30 Conclusion

18:00 Coaches depart for the White Hart Pub of Wytham

18:45 Conference Dinner at the White Hart Pub of Wytham

Approx 21:30 Coaches depart White Hart Pub, Wytham, and return to Weston Library

Thursday, 18 July | Abstracts

9:00 Coffee and tea available

9:30 Collecting in Context (Session 9)

  • SORT BY and SELECT IF: 30 years of digital analysis | Barbara Bell
  • Digitizing and publishing Shakespeare’s Globe Archive | Felix Barnes
  • Building the Rose Theatre Archive 1989-2019 | Johanna Schmitz, Olivia Rader

11:00 Break

11:15 Plenary Conversation with Richard Ovenden OBE, Tiffany Stern, and H.R. Woudhuysen FBA, moderated by Eric M. Johnson (Session 10)

12:15 Break for lunch

13:30 Introducing Traherne: an open source software tool for digital visual collation | Giles Bergel, Abhishek Dutta (Session 11)

14:05 Rethinking the Archive (Session 12)

  • The Parish of St. Mary Aldermanbury, London: Rescuing the first surviving Vestry Book (1569-1609) | Alan H. Nelson
  • The March of Fortinbras: A Digital Reconstruction | Thomas Dabbs
  • The Theatre in the Archive: Case Studies in Scalable Searching | Pip Willcox

15:35 Break

16:00 Drawing Conclusions (Session 13) | Eric M. Johnson, Judith Siefring

16:30 Close

Many thanks to the 2019 Digitizing the Stage program committee: Judith Siefring (Head of Digital Research, Bodleian Libraries, Oxford); Dr. Ben Higgins (Departmental Lecturer in English Literature, Lincoln College, Oxford); Dr. Amanda Herbert (Associate Director at the Folger Institute, Folger Shakespeare Library); and Eric M. Johnson (Director of Digital Access, Folger Shakespeare Library).