Pre-Conference Workshop

Join us for the Digitizing the Stage Pre-Conference Workshop on Monday 15 July,  a hands-on mini-bootcamp for planning and executing digital humanities projects.

Brilliantly conceived digital projects in the cultural heritage and academic research sectors can struggle when they encounter the realities of managing a team, developing or integrating software, and keeping track of deliverables. We will work together to help you plan a path to success for your project and navigate common challenges that could derail your efforts. 

Led by staff of both the Folger Shakespeare Library and the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford University, this workshop is offered for those the preliminary through intermediary stages of project development. This workshop is suitable for those just starting to pull together the necessary materials for a grant proposal as well as those who are midway into a multi-year project.

Together, we will examine real challenges from participants for group problem-solving, and hear from Folger and Bodleian staff who have experience in these issues. Other topics include:

  • Building a project plan, reviewing templates for project plans, and how to complete them
  • Introducing different project management approaches, the Agile Scrum methodology and Waterfall, and how they can be applied in your context
  • Incorporating user experience design and usability testing into project development
  • Managing and communicating with vendors and stakeholders
  • Balancing the intellectual questions of the project with its logistical needs

Our goal is for each participant to leave the workshop with a renewed plan for how they will execute their project, with specific resources and a better understanding of the shared challenges of running digital projects in the cultural heritage and research space.

Participants will be asked to submit a brief description of their proposed project before arriving in Oxford. Workshop participation is limited to 20 seats and requires an registration fee of £25; participation is first-come, first-served. The workshop will begin at 9:30am and conclude at 4:30pm. Lunch is included. 

Sign up for a seat at the Oxford University Store through the Digitizing the Stage registration (under “Additional Items”). Questions are welcome at