Requesting Fee Waivers and Travel Bursaries

As we look forward to registration opening very shortly, we have received inquiries over how to apply for a fee waiver and/or travel bursary for attending Digitizing the Stage. We have extended our original timeline for funding requests in order to match the extension for Calls for Papers.

We are fortunate to have a limited number of fee waivers available for participants. To apply for one, please submit a brief paragraph describing your interest in participating and reason for requesting a fee waiver and/or travel bursary by April 30th, prior to registration. Email this information to Gabrielle Linnell (

A note on travel bursaries amounts: we have travel bursaries approximate to the cost of many train journeys to Oxford from within the U.K. We unfortunately do not have enough funds to cover the cost of international travel.

We will respond by May 8th to let you know whether we are able to provide you with the waiver and/or bursary. We want to maximize participation in the conference with the limited amounts of funds that we have; however, we will not be able to provide financial assistance to everyone who applies.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch via email to We look forward to seeing you in Oxford this July.

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